Objective-C and Java: a Comparison

That’s the title of a talk I’m giving this week at a meeting of the Northern Virginia Java User’s Group (NovaJUG) in Reston, VA. Here’s the abstract:

There’s a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that Java developers
disproportionately own Macintoshes and iPhones. Given the stunning growth of the
iPhone platform, many of us are probably wondering, “So what’s up with
Objective-C, Cocoa and the other technologies that ship with the iPhone SDK? Is
this stuff at all relevant to Java development and/or is it something I might be
interested in tinkering with in my spare time?”

Objective-C should arguably be of interest not only to Java developers, but to
anyone interested in Object-Oriented programming because of its unique approach
to O-O. In this talk, I’ll use example code to illustrate differences between
the two languages and discuss relative tradeoffs. As someone who was an
Objective-C developer before coming to Java, I’ll also point out several ways in
which Objective-C and Cocoa influenced (for the better, I think!) the way I
approached designing Java apps.

I’ll also provide a quick peek at the Cocoa and Cocoa touch platforms, and point
out some cool and surprising design patterns that are generally not part of a
Java developer’s vocabulary. And I’ll conduct a guided tour of a couple of
example iPhone apps to give you a better picture of how the Cocoa touch works
under the covers.


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