iPhone 101 Training at 360iDev in Denver

We just signed an agreement with the great folks over at 360iDev to present a one-day iPhone training class entitled iPhone 101. Although we were excited about the opportunity to do this, at first it looked like we might be stymied by a scheduling conflict.

Many thanks to Mike Sanford of Flipside5 for freeing me up by agreeing to cover day one of our own iPhone Programming Workshop here in Reston. The folks who have signed up for that class should be in for a real treat!

I just finished putting an outline together for the iPhone 101 course. It’s intended to be a fast-paced introduction, covering everything from the basics of C and Objective-C, through Xcode, Interface Builder, and Cocoa touch. For new folks it’ll be a light-speed orientation that should give them a solid overview of the key topics they’ll need to focus on to get up to speed.

For developers who’ve already been playing around with Objective-C, UIKit, Xcode, and IB for a while, it should serve to answer many of the questions they currently have. In fact, the class should help them get over the hump on things that may have them stumped at the moment.

In any case, if you’re planning to attend, be sure to bring your laptop, and hold onto your hat — we’re going to go pretty fast, but there’ll still be plenty of time for a decent amount of hands-on fun!

You can view the iPhone 101 training course outline here, or download the PDF version.


3 comments so far

  1. Tom Ortega on

    Our attendees are going to love this! We’re so excited to have you coming to do the 101. It’s going to be great!

  2. TonyKay on

    Very cool! Is there a class registration or is the venue big enough for anyone whose attending 360 to come?

    Nice bonus!

  3. Tom Ortega on

    @TonyKay: When you reg’d there was a checkbox for if you wanted to attend the 101. If you don’t remember if you checked it, just send an email to info@360idev.com and we’ll add you to the list.

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